TPR#15 – Yvette Landry – Interview and Music

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Sep 262010

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Yvette Landry

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“Ms Landry has made herself (and us!) one fine disc here. The writing and singing show a depth and confidence that belies the fact that this is her first effort. 16 songs, all written by her, run the gamut from heart-on-the-sleeve ballads to kick-ass romps. This collection is rooted in country music, and, like the best of the genre, it draws to great effect on the neighboring styles of cajun, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. By country, I mean the stuff that tells a story that sounds like it actually happened – songs where you can still hear a heart breaking.

Luckily for us, lest we get drawn down Lament Lane and Poignant Place past the point of no return (don’t get me wrong, there’s no place I’d rather spend an evening) there’s plenty of rambunctious action here. Yvette has cranked up a bunch of fine up-tempo songs as well, and the rock ‘n’ roll rolls just as well as it rocks.

Produced in Louisiana by Joel Savoy and Yvette, there is no shortage of great steel and fiddle playing in the mix. All in all a mighty fine record.”

-Bill Kirchen


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