I’ll Be Around by Split Lip Rayfield

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Nov 152008

I’m pretty sure that Split Lip Rayfield is the only band out there claiming to be a progressive/bluegrass/metal band and on their latest CD, I’ll Be Around, they put a little more emphasis on the bluegrass than the metal. But there’s still a sharp edge in their music.

Reeling from the loss of band-mate Kirk Rundstrom to cancer in 2007, I guess you could say this is a rebuilding CD from Split Lip Rayfield. We hear fewer walls of sound on this CD than you’d normally expect from the band, but it gives us a chance to appreciate their musicianship and songwriting talents. While they can keep up on those traditional bluegrass song forms with the best of them, the band seems at their best when they are doing their own thing. Highlights for me include, “Rig Or Cross,” “Heart Of Darkness,” “Hobo Love Song,” “Devil Lies,” “It’s Been So Long,” and “Sin River.”