“There Is A Table In Heaven” performed by Ernie Hawkins

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Nov 152011

Ernie Hawkins on vocals and guitar, Joe Dallas on trombone, and George Heid on washboard. This is a gospel song written by famous Durham blues man Rev. Gary Davis and arranged by Ernie Hawkins who studied under the Rev. Gary Davis. Note the Piedmont blues style of finger picking which is characteristic of Davis’ style of music. You can hear Ernie Hawkins talk about the history of this song on episode 62 of the Taproot Podcast.

Nov 142011

Ernie Hawkins talks about the influence The Rev Gary Davis’s early days in Durham, the influence Davis has had on his own music, the technique of playing guitar riffs as if they are piano or horm lines, and his upcoming show at the University of North Carolina’s Southern Folklife Center.
Ernie Hawkins

TPR#62 Ernie Hawkins – Music and Interview (MP3)



The Night of 100 Elvises


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