Review: Release Me by Lyle Lovett

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Mar 102012

The thing that consistently amazes me about Lyle Lovett and his band is how they can take musical cliches and tropes you’ve heard a thousand times before and breath new life into them. You’ll hear those two short fiddle bursts and think “Oh No, Not another Honky Tonk ┬ásong,” and by the end of the song you want want to shake Lyle’s hand for being so amazingly inventive. On Release Me, he covers several country and jazz standards with his amazingly musical┬áband. You can tell right away these guys are master craftsmen. The originals are Lovett’s slice of Texas life, idealized, but not sappy. Highlights for me on Release Me are “White Boy Lost In The Blues,” “Brown Eyed Handsome Man,” “One Way Gal,” “White Freightliner Blues,” and “Release Me.”

“L.A. County” by Lyle Lovett

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Nov 152011

My favorite Lyle Lovett song and easily one of my favorite songs of all time. Such a perfect sad tone through out the song builds a growing sense of desperation and doom all with a catchy foot-tapping hook. Country music doesn’t get any better than this.