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Lydia Loveless talks about how much she enjoyed going into the sound booth to “scream until I almost passed out” when recording her CD, Indestructible Machine; her admiration for the songwriting of Sunny Sweeney and the guitar work of James Wilsey; her advice to aspiring artists; and why punk rock wasn’t a rebellion for her.

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Lydia Loveless

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Recap of Interview with Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless talked about writing the songs for her latest release, Indestructible Machine. Some of the songs were written before she signed with Bloodshot. She says that her songwriting didn’t change much after signing with Bloodshot but maybe she edited her swearing a little once she knew she was going to be on Bloodshot and might have some chance of radio airplay.

Lydia Loveless talked about how going into the studio was much more enjoyable this time because she got to pick her own band that she felt good about. She was able to go into the sound booth and “scream until I almost passed out,” which was a lot more fun then doing an over produced CD.

Lydia Loveless introduced “Bad Way To Go”. It was written at an event called Rock Pot Luck, which where this guy in Columbus gets about 40 musicians and puts them together into about 8 bands. Each band has to do two originals and one cover. Bad Way To Go is one she wrote at that event.

Band Lineup Ben Lamb on bass, Parker Chandler on Drums, and Todd May on guitar.

Lydia Loveless talked about how she looks up to Sunny Sweeney. Lydia feels like Sunny she writes very honestly about topics many people would not be comfortable writing about.

Lydia Loveless also talked about how she likes the guitar work of James Wilsey. He is most famous for the guitar work on Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.” She likes the surf guitar sound of his and she says’ she’d like to snag him for her next album because she’s like to may a “Chris Isaacy deserty kind of album.”

Lydia introduced “More Like Them,” which she says is “your average break up song.”

Lydia Loveless says she grew up in the country on a farm. She said you had to be creative and entertain yourself out there and singing is one of the things you could do. She says she didn’t start playing music for years and at first she’d fantasize about singing in front of millions of people, singing songs she had not written yet.”

Lydia Loveless said the first punk album she heard was London Calling by The Clash. She says that her mom used to play it every time they got in the car. So for here punkl rock wasn’t about rebelling.

Lydia Loveless introduced the song “Learn To Say No.” This is the song that has the “indestructible machine” line in it. This song is about the social anxiety that has plagued her her whole life. It’s about a time where she was having trouble making herself leave the house and join society.

Lydia Loveless said the tough part of live shows is not being on stage, but waiting to go on stage. She said that her recent show in Chicago made her feel like she had broken into the scene. She talked about how she’s looking forward to touring with her label-mate, Scott H. Biram.

Lydia Loveless says that her advice to aspiring artists is to stay focused on the creative stuff. Hire a good manager to deal with the business stuff for you and stay focused on being creative.

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