Apr 112012

Janiva Magness - Stronger For ItJaniva Magness enduring strength and star power continues on her Stronger For It album, showing us that Stax-era soul music is as powerful a force in music today as it ever was. The opening track “There It Is” has a gut wrenching opener that seals the fate of a broken relationship in way that would make the Rolling Stones proud. Her voice is first and foremost strong and confident in the face of trouble and at the same time human an bluesy. “I Won’t Cry” is more of a slow burner which showcases how well she’s working with the band and the backup vocalists. “Make It Rain” is a good moving on song. The highlight track for me is Janiva Magness’ cover of Ike Turner’s “You Got What You Wanted,” which captures that classic soul sound perfectly.

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The Devil Is An Angel Too by Janiva Magness

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Jun 062010

Janiva Magness’ new CD, The Devil Is An Angel Too, makes me want to throw myself to the ground and start speaking in tongues. Her soulful approach to tunes like Joe Tex’ “I Want To Do Everything For You,” Graham Parker’s, “”I’m Gonna Tear Your Play House Down,” and Percy Sledge’s “Walking In The Sun” are all knockout hits that will leave you babbling too.

The Devil Is An Angel Too on iTunes