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On episode 74 of the Taproot Podcast, Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing from Hymn For Her, talk about how they met and started making music together; their evolution from folk duo to lo-fi rock band; and recording in their airstream trailer.

Hymn For Her

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NC Hops and Roots Fest

NC Hops and Roots Fest

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Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight talk about how they met and became the band known as Hymn For Her. Lucy was working in a music store In Philadelphia and Wayne would come in and buy strings. And Wayne was working in a sub shop and she’d go in and buy subs. Wayne says they almost called the band “Stirngs and Hoagies.”  Wayne says he’d go to the music store and play songs for Lucy there in the guitar store and sometimes she’d sing along with the harmonies. And eventually they started writing sogns together.

They talk about Hymn For Her’s CD “Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream.” CD and how it came to be named that. Wayne introduces “Slips” which is about the dualism one feels when you are living nomadically. Wanting to get off the road when your moving and wanting to get back on the road when you’re home.

[Plays “Slips”]

Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing talk about recording Hymn For Her’s CD in their Airstream trailer which doubles as their home while they are on the road traveling from gig to gig. Wayne says they like to park at a campground start a fire people will “pull up a log and pass around the guitar.”

Lucy introduces the Hymn For Her’s song “Not,” which is a song about unrequited love. Being in love with someone and not having that love returned. If you listen closely you can hear the rain on the roof of the Airstream trailer. At first they thought they were going to have to stop and wait for the rain to pass. But then they decided that the rain added to the sadness of the song

Lucy and Wayne talk about their deliberate lof-fi sound. For example they have a cigar box car that they feature on almost every track. Before they introduced the cigarbox guitar their music rocked more and became less folky. Lucy talks about how an instrument will tell you where to go musically. Wayne talks about how recording in the Airstream gave it a lo-fi sound. They started as a folk duo but wanted rock out some. So they got a kick drum and a hi hat and that was fun for them.  And then they added the cigar box guitar.  With those instruments, the overall sound started getting that dirty sound and then they decided that as a result the microphones sounded too clean so they got a bullet mic to go along with the sound. The bullet microphone sounds like an old transistor radio.

Lucy and Wayne talk about one of the heaviest songs on Hymn For Her’s CD, “Montana.” This song is more about someone who is desperate and controlling and won’t give up on the relationship. It’s about some friends of theirs. They talk about playing it to wake up the dead.

[plays “Montana”]

Lucy talks about playing the Americana Music Fest and their upcoming European tour to the Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s their first time over there.

Lucy and Wayne also talk about their kid on the cover the CD and she’ll some times sing “Don’t Fence Me In” at an encor of a recent gig.

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