Arizona Hotel by The Hacienda Brothers

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Jul 262008

The Hacienda Brothers fronted by Chris Gaffney and Dave Gonzales and produced be legendary soul man Dan Penn named and claimed the “Western Soul” sound for themselves and got rave reviews and a huge following in a very short time. The Hacienda Brother’s ride to stardom was cut tragically short by the death of Chrs Gaffney from liver cancer. Arizona Hotel is the bands, last CD before Gaffney’s death, making the opening track “A Lot Of Days Are Gone” a bittersweet tribute to all that could have been and all that was for the band. The rest of the CD sticks to the western soul sound they have honed over the years and my favorites are “A Lot of Days Are Gone,” “Use To The Pain,” “Soul Mountain,” “When You’re Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts,” and “Big Town City.”