TPR#3 – Dehlia Low, Kieran Ridge Band, Gina Villalobos – Interview and Music

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Jun 282009

Dehlia Low, Kieran Ridge, Gina Villalobos:

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Dehlia Low

Dehlia Low web site
“Take Me Back” on The Kieran Ridge Band - Already Gone - Life Is Hard & Love's Unfair

Kieran Ridge

The Kieran Ridge Band web site
“Life is Hard and Love’s Unfair” on Dehlia Low - Tellico - Take Me Back

Gina Villalobos

Gina Villalobos web site
“Take A Beating” on Gina Villalobos - Days On Their Side - Take a Beating


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Tellico by Dehlia Low

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May 162009

Dehlia Low is a string music band based out of Asheville, NC that perfectly captures that beauty of mountain music and they are the perfect ambassadors of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s impossible to listen to these beautiful songs and not pine for the mountains. Anya Hinkle and Stacy Claude set the stage with their feminine harmonies and the sound is rounded out with Aaron Ballance on dobro, Bryan Clendenin on mandolin and Greg Stiglets on upright bass. One of the things that makes this band stand out is that all four members write songs on the CD. By switching between male and femal leads they are able to dig deeper into the Appalachian cluture than many roots bands. I got into “Take Me Back,” “Lord Won’t You Help Me,” and “Wandering Boy.”

Dehlia Low - Tellico

Listen to Dehlia Low on the Taproot Music Feed Podcast episode #3.