On The Waiting List by Dave Sutherland

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Jan 242009

Every now and then someone asks me if the fact that I focus on “Americana” means that I only play American artists or even southern American artists. The answer is not just “No,” it’s “Hell No!” Dave Sutherland hails from London. Not London, Kentucky, but London, England and he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Americana is a state of mind and not a place. His latest CD, On The Waiting List, is full of simply arranged ballads with catchy hooks that beg to be sung along with at the chorus. It’s hard to pick favorites on this CD. The opening track, “Dreams About Beautiful Girls” is beautiful and bittersweet. Likewise, “Honey I’m Home,” has a world weary-sadness that has a late night sing along appeal. “Coming Apart At The Seams,” is more of a rock and roll number that coulda come from Tom Petty or, to bring it closer to home, Graham Parker. If you want simple and beautiful, try “You Got A Man Like Me Loving You.” But my favorite though is the traveling song “Roads and Rails,” which hits that blues-rock vibe just right.