Oct 092011

Dale Watson talks about the CB craze in the 70’s, his debut on the theatrical stage, how to write songs while driving a bus, videos from his upcoming CD, and the inspiration he got from recording in Sun Studios.

Dale Watson

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Review: The Sun Sessions by Dale Watson

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Sep 132011

Dale Watson is more or less known as one of the outlaw country artists, up there with Waylon Jennings and the like. And his music is hard core honky tonk. That is, until this latest CD called The Sun Sessions. I have not read the press kit on this CD. But I’m guessing it’s a concept album trying to capture as closely as possible the sounds of Johnny Cash during his years with Sun. The band has the johnny Cash bass and rhythm sound down pat. And Dale does an excellent job rendering that Johnny Cash baritone.  What makes this CD amazing, is that as far as I can tell, all these songs are originals. And he hads just enough of his trademark honky tonk to give these songs a little more jump and life than you sometimes got from Cash. I’m not prepared to say Dale Watson is more Johnny Cash than Cash, but I’ll say if you every liked a single Johnny Cash song, you’re gonna love The Sun Sessions from Dale Watson.

Dale Watson tells the stories behind the songs on episode 57 of the Taproot Podcast

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