Before the Frost / Until The Freeze by The Black Crowes

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Oct 122009

The Black Crowes put together a whole bunch of songs and trooped up to Levon Helm’s farm in upstate New York. There they recorded a live performance for a crowd of fans. Half the show is being released on a CD, half the show is available for a free download. Kinda gutsy if you ask me, but it’s also a Sign o’ The Times. Even the big name artists are having to give away more and more of their art in order to stay in front of their fans and keep their attention.

Fortunately for the Black Crowes, no one does the southern blues rock thing better than they do. The opening track for this CD, “Good Morning Captain” starts out with a riff that sounds like it’s from an old-time string band, and a old timey piano line that they then pick up into a power chord anthem. The whole CD sounds like that. Blues rock where the riffs sound like they came from old time music. And it works.

About half the tracks get high marks from me including “Good Morning Captain,” “Been A Long Time,””Appaloosa,” “Kept My Soul,” “Houston Don’t Dream About Me,” and “And The Band Played On.”

The Black Crowes - Before the Frost... Until the Freeze