One Foot In The Ether by Band of Heathens

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Oct 122009

It’s tempting to say that the Band of Heathen’s is a lyrics driven band, with at least three strong songwriters in the group who have honed their skills through years of open jam sessions in Austin. Their first two CDs were actually live CDs from Momo’s. But their music as that infectious French Quarter good times vibe going for it, so I have to say music takes the lead, but learn and memorize the lyrics while you’re boppin’ along to the music. This music is as much fun to sing to as dance to.

Highlights for me included “L.A. County Blues,” “Shine A Light,” “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” “Right Here With Me.” They also do brooding cover of Gillian Welch’s “Look at Miss Ohio.”

The Band Of Heathens - One Foot In the Ether

The Band of Heathens

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Jul 042008

The self-titled Band Of Heathens is the group’s third CD, but their first studio album. Based in Austin Texas and composed of musicians that play the Austin scen on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that this CD is full of gritty Americana like the opening foot tapper, “Don’t Call On Me.” But they are at their best when they get into a Black Crowes inspired blues funk on songs like “Second Line,” “Jackson Station” and “Cornbread.”