Music Submission Policy


The mission at Taproot Radio is to find the common roots in all music that is either inspired by or directly related to “Americana” genres, including roots rock, country, blues, soul, cajun, bluegrass, gospel, etc. Taproot Radio is always on the lookout for emerging artists to help us with our mission. You are welcome to submit your music, subject to the submission policy documented on this page.

Taproot Radio is committed to playing music legally and fully supports artists being compensated for their work. When you submit your music to Taproot Radio, it will be considered for play in the following venues:

Taproot Radio Internet Webcast

The weekly Taproot Radio rotation is hosted on Spotify and can be listened 24×7 for free. This is a legal internet webcast service which compensates artists through royalty payments. Visit the Webcast Page for more information on how to listen to the Webcast.

Taproot Radio Live on WCOM

The live show for Taproot Radio airs on Monday nights from 9-10pm Eastern time.  To listen to the live show, click the listen online link  on the home page. WCOM covers the royalty issues for the station.

Taproot Podcast

The Taproot Podcast features live performances, band interviews and CD tracks from recently released CDs. Due to the royalty rates for podcasts, your music cannot be featured on the podcast unless you grant a royalty free license to play the music.

By submitting your materials to Taproot Radio, you are granting permission to Taproot Media to feature your music on the podcast.  In particular, you are agreeing to the submission policy stated below.

Taproot Radio Music Submission Policy

By submitting material to Taproot Radio, you hereby grant to Taproot Media permission to play your music, and a limited license to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce, and distribute such material on any Taproot Media show, anywhere in the world. The license you grant to Taproot Media is non-exclusive (meaning you are free to license your material to anyone else), fully-paid, and royalty-free (meaning that Taproot Media is not required to pay you).

Despite any contracts with RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, or any other contracts, the artist, record company, or artist representative making this submission, must be legally allowed to distribute, broadcast, or license these works at their discretion.

If you agree to the terms of this submission policy, you may mail your CDs and promotional materials to:

Taproot Radio
c/o Calvin Powers
123 Nolen Ln
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

or send them electronically to

Electronic submissions are preferred, but please be sure to include:

  • The entire CD, not just selected tracks
  • CD Cover Art
  • A Promotional Picture of the Artist
  • A One Sheet PDF form
  • Links to electronic press kits etc.

No materials submitted to Taproot Radio will be returned.

How To Make Life Easy For Reviewers

The Internet is a great tool for “getting your music out there.” But if you want reviewers and music shows to talk about your music, review it, etc. there’s some things you should keep in mind about your web site:

— Put your CD “one sheets” on the site in an easily downloaded form.You can put it as legible text on the page itself or make a downloadable PDF.

— Ditto for band bio

— Make sure your band pictures are easily downloadable.  All those cool slide show apps are great, but often they make it impossible to actually download the picture. If I can’t download a picture, I’m not writing about you online. Period.

— If you have a large number of pictures, make sure your preferred band promo pic is clearly identifiable. Preferably right by the one sheet. The higher the resolution the better.  If you don’t make it clear the picture you want to use as the band promo shot, don’t complain if the reviewer picks another shot from your web site that you don’t like.  Also, keep in mind that many web sites use fairly small sizes for online photos. Sometimes as small as 150px x 150px. Make sur your promo pic looks good at least as small as 300px. I wouldn’t hurt to have multiple promo pics, one design for small format pictures and one designed for large hi-res/print.

— Make sure there is a good hi res pic of your CD cover art. 300×300 is a minimum.


What NOT To Send To Taproot Radio

Taproot Radio plays a broad variety of music. But all of it builds into a sense of  “americana.”  So music you send should contribute to that goal.

In particular, do NOT send the following:

  • Kids music
  • Celtic music
  • Music primarily about sea-faring adventure.
  • Instrumental-only music
  • Heavily electronic music



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