Interview Instructions for WCOM via TalkShoe


Thanks for agreeing to appear as a guest on the Taproot Radio Show. These instructions will tell you everything you need to know about the logistics of participating in the interview. If you have any questions, call Calvin on his mobile number (919) 622-6382 or email him. (

Your interview will be scheduled during the Taproot Radio Show on a Monday night on WCOM. The show runs from 9-11pm Eastern. Your interview will start at approximately 9:20 and last for about 30 minutes. You’ll be completely done no later than 10pm Eastern.

Your interview will take place on a conference call service called TalkShoe. Here is the information you need to dial into the conference call:

  • Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
  • Call ID: 45129#
  • PIN#: 1#
    to enter the conference call as a guest.

Unfortunately, this is not a toll-free number.

Here’s how the night will go:

8:45pm – Conference call is activated. You can dial in any time after 8:45 and preferably before 9:00.  When you dial in you will hear a welcome message from TalkShoe. You may also hear a message that the call is being recorded, but you will not be on the air at this point. Calvin will dial in as soon as he can between 8:45 and 9:00 and will be available to chat and answer any last minute questions.

9:00pm – Show starts. Calvin will cue the show, play an opener, go into an opening talk set and then cue the first music set. You will not be able to hear any of this on the conference call. If you have access to a computer you can listen to WCOM’s internet stream using this link.

9:10pm – After Calvin cues the first music set, he will dial the station’s phone into the conference call. Once the station’s phone dials into the conference call you will be able to hear the show on the air. Please disconnect from the internet stream at this time. The conference call line will be muted and nothing from the conference call will be going out over the air.

9:20pm – After the first music set, Calvin will backsell the music, unmute the conference call on the mixing board and welcome you to the show and start the interview. Everything you say from that point onward will be on the air.

The Interview – Calvin will lob some softball questions to you. The interview is a conversation, not a confrontation so relax. Also, this is not a job interview. Telling a good story is far more important than being complete. So if any question or part of the conversation triggers a good memory or story you’d like to share, go for it!

Calvin will ask you to pick three songs from your latest release to play on the show and ask you to set them up for the listeners. (e.g., what’s the back story for the song? How’d it get written? Is there anything special to listen for in the music? etc.) Your discussion of the songs is the most important part of the interview so think about what you’d like to say about the songs you pick.

At the end of the interview you’ll get a general question along like “How can listeners find out more about you?” This is your chance to promote a web site, CD, tour, etc.

~9:50pm – The interviews usually run 25-30 minutes, give or take. After good byes are said you can hang up from the conference call. Calvin will disconnect the station phone from the conference call. If you want to listen to the rest of the show, feel free to reconnect to the internet stream.  If you have any follow on questions, call Calvin’s mobile number.

Reminders, Gotchas, and Just In Cases:

  • If the call drops during the conversation for any reason., Calvin will go to music. Try to dial back into the conference call as soon as possible. We can continue the interview when you get dialed back in. If you can’t dial back into the conference call, call or text Calvin’s mobile number. If we can complete the interview, the technical difficulties can be edited out for the podcast.
  • All times in this document are EASTERN TIME. Please adjust accordingly for your local time zone.
  • You will be on the air from the time Calvin introduces you to the time he says thanks and goodbye, even while the music is playing.
  • When the songs from your CD are played, they will sound terrible in the conference call, due to the limitations of the conference call service. Fear not. The music will sound just fine on the air. Please don’t make comments about the music quality in the interview.

The Podcast
The on the air interview will be recorded and edited for the podcast. The podcast episode will not be published until 3 or 4 weeks after your interview. If you’d like to have your episode published by a particular date in order to coordinate with another media event, etc., let Calvin know.

When your episode is published, Calvin will mail a link to the podcast episode page to you. If it’s possible for you to share the link on your Facebook Page, web site, MySpace page etc. that would be very much appreciated. When the episode is published, it will also show up on the  iTunes Taproot Radio page.

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