Apr 232012

Donna the Buffalo Promo Donna The Buffalo’s “Movin’ On” is a great road song if you happen to be traveling in a converted school bus painted up Partridge Family-style with beads hangin’ in the windows and incense smoke trailing out the back. There’s just nothing like their feel-good vibe.

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Apr 182012

El PathosA little garage rock crossed with a Texas border music vibe and a vocal style suited for death metal. That’s the Pathos Band. Their self-titled El Pathos CD is full of garage rock inspired future classics. I like “Gypsy Minor” because it is a great example of the border music influence. Pathos played to big crowds at SXSW 2012 too so their a band to watch.

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Apr 112012

Southern Culture On The Skids SCOTS“Voodoo Cadillac’s” car metaphor is about as subtle as Mary Huff’s hair and why the hell not. This is from their Dirt Track Date album which came out in the early 2000’s as I recall. The video was shot live here in Chapel Hill at the Local 506.

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Mar 312012

black joe lewis scandalous cover artBlack Joe Lewis and the Honeybears have proven beyond booty-shakin’ doubt that soul music has a place in the21st century. “Booty City” is probably the hardest hitting cut from their Scandalous CD and you can’t help but want to shout along with the chorus.

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Mar 082012

Ok I know I know I’ve been falling all over myself to push Ray Wylie Hubbard’s latest CD, Grifter’s Hymnal, but let me put in just one more plug with a foot stomper from the CD as road song of the week. Try to keep up and watch out for the vocabulary lesson he sneaks in there…..

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Mar 032012
Alejandro Escovedo

Photo Credit: MChavez

Going a few years back on this one, “One More Time” by Alejandro Escovedo is one of my all time favorite road songs. The way the lyrics kinda skid around against the beat brings to mind a car careening dangerously near the guard rail, but barely staying between the lines.

Couldn’t find a decent video of the song, but as always you can listen to “One More Time”  on Spotify and the Taproot Road Songs play list.


Feb 262012

Was digging through my back catalog the other day and ran across this gem of an New Orleans’ style R&B from George Soulé. It’s got that smooth head-boppin’ thing going for it, like yeah I’ve got everything under control and no one’s gonna get me down. The CD is also called Take A Ride, and like the cover says, it’s that Southern Soul Sound. They got that right. George worked at FAME and many other soul music institutions and helped shape that southern soul sound we all love.

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