Magnolia Collective

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Jul 092012

Magnolia CollectiveOn episode 95 of the Americana Music Show, the Magnolia Collective joins Calvin at the WCOM studio for live acoustic performances of songs from their Ghost Stories EP. They tell the story about how they came together to lead anAmericananight at The Station at Southern Rail and their experiences writing songs and playing music as a group. They also talk about their contribution to the “Couch by Couchwest” music festival.



TPR#94 Otis Gibbs

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Jul 022012

Otis Gibbs

On episode 94 of the Americana Music Show, Otis Gibbs talks to Rick Cornell about his CD, Harder Than Hammered Hell; how many trees he’s planted in his life time; his early record collection; his favorite car; life in East Nashville; and living in the age of YouTube.