May 232011

Tonight I’ll be playing new music from Daryl Hance (of MOFRO fame), as well as new music from the New Familiars, Southeast Engine, and Tara Nevins. My interview guest this week is Bill Anderson of Churchwood.

rick’s stuff here.

As always locals can tune in to WCOM 103.5 FM and everyone else can tune into the webcast. So tune in from 9-11pm Eastern time Monday night!

Taproot Radio – Calvin – 9-10pm
Double Line / Heavy Trash / Going Way Out / 3:03
Here Tonight / Daryl Hance / Hallowed Ground / 3:10
A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment ((Hint: There is no C)) / Ray Wylie Hubbard / Americana Music Awards Sampler / 3:05
*** special guest: Bill Anderson from Churchwood ***
Leave Me Alone / Eden Brent / Ain’t Got No Troubles / 3:53
Roll & Tumble / The Gourds / Cow Fish Fowl Or Pig / 3:59
Dang Me (Featuring Chocolate Genius) / Buddy Miller;Chocolate Genius / The Majestic Silver Strings / 5:02
One More Broken Heart / Yvette Landry / Should Have Known / 2:45
Traveling Riverside Blues / Robert Johnson / The Centennial Collection / 2:40
What’s That Say About Love / Honky Tonk Disciples / Kickin’ Up Dust / 2:56
Bullets in the Barn / Tim Lee 3 / Raucous Americanus / 3:38
Sink Hole / Drive-By Truckers / Decoration Day / 3:27
Maybe I’ve Been Where I’m Goin’ / Tokyo Rosenthal / Who Was That Man / 3:56
Snowbird / Tara Nevins / Wood And Stone / 3:05
New River / The New Familiars / Between The Moon And The Morning Light / 3:25
Summer and Her Ferris Wheel (Album) / Southeast Engine / Canary / 3:00

Dirty Laundry – Rick – 10-11pm 

Girl of the North Country / Howard Tate / Howard Tate / 3:42
One leftover from last week’s Dylan show – Happy 70th tomorrow, Mr. Zimmerman.>

When You Need a Train It Never Comes / Amanda Shires / Carrying Lightning / 4:13
Sheetrock Hanger / Rod Picott / Welding Burns / 4:19
Tired of Being Lonely / Mark Junger / More Like a Good Dog Than a Bad Cat / 3:19
Notes: First-rate new releases from frequent collaborators Amanda Shires and Rod Picott. Mark Junger’s record is pretty darn good too.

I Will Do the Breathing / Matt the Electrician / Accidental Thief / 4:31
Merseysong / Rico Bell w/ the Waco Brothers / No One Got Hurt / 2:56
Joe Tex / The Black Swans / Don’t Blame the Stars / 4:06
Notes: More new stuff, including the middle disc, which was recorded live at Chicago’s Hideout and features many of the Bloodshot label’s finest. And if only Joe Tex had recorded a song titled “The Black Swans.”

Abe Lincoln / Chip Robinson / Texas Renegade Radio Vol. 2: Live in the Studio / 4:20
Hey Hey / Graham Lindsey / Famous Anonymous Wilderness / 2:53
Beesting / Chip Robinson / Mylow / 4:51
Nobody Gonna Miss Me / Graham Lindsey / The Mine EP / 2:56
Notes: Two of my favorites are coming to the area: Graham Lindsey will be at Slim’s on Tuesday, May 24 (aka, tomorrow night), and Chip Robinson will be across the street at the Station on June 2 and at Slim’s on June 3.

That’s How Every Empire Falls / RB Morris / Spies Lies and Burning Eyes / 4:34
I Viberate / Martin Belmont / The Guest List / 2:18
Shoot the Moonlight Out / Garland Jeffreys / American Boy & Girl / 3:25
Notes: Marianne Faithfull recorded RB Morris’ “That’s How Every Empire Falls” on her latest. Martin Belmont’s guest list features the likes of Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack, Carlene Carter, and Geraint Watkins. Garland Jeffreys would have fit in too: even though they were on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they traveled in some of the same circles back in the day. Jeffreys’ Ghost Writer, One-Eyed Jack, and American Boy & Girl have been reissued as a two-CD set by the good people at Raven in Australia.

Maggie’s Farm / Solomon Burke /
How Many Roads: Black America Sings Bob Dylan / 2:15
Notes: Okay, one more for Bob.

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