Jan 162011

On this eighth CD from Malcolm Holcombe, you get the sense that the long period of working out some personal things and getting stuff put behind him has finally come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, these past CDs have been phenomenal works full of a strength and vision that is all to often lacking in the music world. But those CDs were dark. On his latest CD, To Drink The Rain, Malcolm Holcombe has produced, well not exactly happy upbeat songs, and no one would ever accuse him of being chipper, but at set of songs that has a positive vibe to them. The gravely voice, the driven almost speaking in tongue lyrics and delivery are still there. The Appalachian soul is still there in every note.

The supporting band and producer Jared Tyler follow his lead and let holcombe’s music be holcombe’s music. You can tell they know that they are in the presence of genius.. Johnny Cash’s fomer  bass player, Dave Roe was quoted as saying “Malcolm is the only artist that I would fight to be on his recording.”

For me the highlights are “One Leg At A Time,” “Down In The Woods,” “Becky’s Blessed,” “A Mighty City,” and “To Drink The Rain.”

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