WCOM Playlist for April 27, 2009

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Apr 282009

Hour 1
Oh Mary J.J. Cale Roll On 3:35

Honey Bee Lucinda Williams Little Honey 3:05
Food, Water, Shelter & Love Gurf Morlix Diamonds To Dust 5:11
Get Off Of Your Porch Charlie Pickett Bar Band Americanus 4:00
Judgement Day (RADIO EDIT) / Scott H. Biram / Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever Radio Edits / 2:33
I feel so good (RADIO EDIT) / Scott H. Biram / Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever Radio Edits / 3:02
Wildside (RADIO EDIT) / Scott H. Biram / Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever Radio Edits / 4:51
Rich Woman Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand 4:05
Honey I’m Home Dave Sutherland On The Waiting List 4:28
Bring Me Sunshine Willie Nelson Naked Willie 2:13
I Can’t Sleep Tejas Brothers Tejas Brothers 2:55
The Long Drive Sodajerk Sodajerk 3:44
Someone To Give My Love To Joe Simon More Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country 3:08
O.D. Blues Grandpaboy Dead Man Shake 4:33
The History of Where Someone Has Been Killed Marah Kids in Philly 4:05
Hour 2
The Real Thing The Detroit Cobras Baby 1:49
Second Line Band Of Heathens The Band Of Heathens 3:45
All 4 The Betta C. C. Adcock Lafayette Marquis 4:24
Piece Of My Heart Erma Franklin Oxford American 2005 2:37
Tex-Mex Mile The Gourds Haymaker! 3:20
He Tells All The Girls He’s A Cowboy Byrd and Street Love Broke The Fall 3:09
Dirty Laundry Curtis Mayfield Dirty Laundry – The Soul Of Black Country 4:08
Jump the Blues Wayne Hancock Viper of Melody 2:19
Cat And Mouse Yarn Yarn 3:03
Stop And Think About It Chris James And Patrick Rynn Stop and Think About It 4:46
Neon Tombstone Phil Lee So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You 3:42
Shake Your Moneymaker Elmore James Essential Blues 2 (Disc 2) 2:50
Don’t Say You Love Me Brian Setzer 13 [Bonus Track] 3:19
Were You There The Gospel Playboys Known On The Underground 6:39

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Shakori Hills 2009 Highlights

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Apr 212009
Spent Saturday at the Shakori Hills Festival with my girlfriend. It was the picture perfect day. Sunny but not hot. Dry. Early enough that there weren’t many bugs out although we kept getting advised to get naked and check for ticks. 
We arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon, just in time to hear Eilen Jewel play her set.  I’d been playing her Letters From Sinners And Strangers CD for months and have become a big fan of her combination of folk and early jazz sound. She’s got a new CD out too, called Sea of Tears, which I bought at Shakori but have not had a chance to listen to yet. But her live performance was really enjoyable. I got a bootleg of a couple of her songs and have uploaded her closing number, which was a medley of Bessie Smith tunes, which I thought was a fantasic choice and she did a great job on them. I’ve uploaded the recording for you to hear. Please forgive the screaming banshee of a child that let loose an ear piercing scream when some sibling threatened his Doritos. 


One thing I discovered was that I’d been pronouncing her name wrong. It’s spelled “Eilen” which I had been pronouncing EYE-lin but it’s actually EEE-lin. 

After Eilen Jewel, there weren’t any acts that really interested us until the closing act, Donna The buffalo. So we wandered around watching the hippies do their thing. We stacked rocks, we played with fire. We walked the nature trails.  




Some of the acts in the minor stages were fun. There is a “coffee barn” wth a side stage where they do back porch kinda acts. That was lots of fun to sit and listen to people singing and playing really old-school country tunes. There was at least one song performed by a group called the Ocean Valley Boys that I know my grandmother used to sing. 


The dance tent had dance lessons every couple of ours or so. Swing, two-step, contra, aand I don’t know what all else. I didn’t have my nerve up to try it this time, But I’m getting sold on the idea that it could be fun. The bands they had playing at the dance tent were mostly amateur bands but they sounded really good and they had a good enthusiastic vibe. 


Quite by accident, we discovered that this one tent had a whole series of blues muscians lined up from the Music Maker Relief Foundation. I don’t think they were even on the official schedule of the event. And it amazed me because they had John Dee Holeman, Captain Luke (whose “Outsider Lounge” CD I play alot on my show). We also saw Abe Reid, but we didn’t get a chance to hang around and see if he played or not. But we did get a great recording of John Dee Holeman singing “Hoochie Coochie Man,” which I’ve uploaded here.  

“Hoochie Coochie Man” by John Dee Holeman



So then we wandered back to where we’d staked our claim at the main stage. We had several hours to go still until Donna The Buffalo came on. But we were tired of walking around. 

Good God,  the acts that they had lined up for the evening at the main stage were awful. A rap artist from Durham who spewed every politically correct buzz phrase all at once. A very self-absorbed valley girl-esque singer songwriter type who spend more time talking to the audience than, you know, actually playing music, but like you know, it’s just as much fun to, like, you know chat with the audience and not worry about talent and stuff. And then there was a trippy band from up north who had this middle eastern/folk/electric fusion thing going on. Which I grant was kinda cool for, i dunno, the first 5-10 minutes. But after that you began to realize all oftheir songs had exactly the same rhythm over and over and over again. 

So I was NOT impressed with whoever did the bookings for the main stage. To think that Eilen Jewel had to go on before these turkeys really made me mad. And to think that these acts got billing on the main stage while some very well resected Blues legends were shuttled off to a secondary tent and not even properly put on the schedule so that people could know they were there was just a crying shame. 

Donna The Buffalo was in fine form. As always they set just the right vibe for the whole weekend. Happy. Upbeat. Positive. I’ve uploaded “These Are Better Days” from their performance that night. 
All  in all, it was a great day for music and I’d encourage all of you to think about attending the next one this fall if music festivals are your thing at all. 

WCOM Play List for April 20, 2009

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Apr 182009

Hour 1
Right Now / Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris / All The Roadrunning / 3:33
Wild Wild Lover / Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers / Cockadoodledon’t / 3:00
Cowboy No 77 / Charlie Pickett / Bar Band Americanus / 3:45
Oceans & Streams / The Black Keys / Attack & Release / 3:26
Cherry Street / J.J. Cale / Roll On / 3:44
Amos Moses / Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown / More Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country / 3:25
Moonlight Kiss / Raul Malo / Lucky One / 4:16
Gunpowder / Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears / Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is! / 2:10
I Need Some Money / John Lee Hooker / Anthology: 50 Years / 2:29
Grey Skies / Dex Romweber Duo / Ruins Of Berlin / 4:44
Orange Blossoms / JJ Grey & Mofro / Orange Blossoms / 4:41
When It’s Over / Don Varner / Sweet Sounds Of Muscle Shoa : Vol. 1-Tear Stained Soul / 2:12
Mr. Freddie’s Kokomo Blues / Freddie Spruell / When The Levee Breaks (Disc C) / 3:06
Seated At The Devil’s Table / Lonesome Brothers / The Last CD / 3:53
So Far Gone / Lou Ford / Sad, But Familiar / 3:52

Hour 2
You Talk Too Much / George Thorogood & The Destroyers / Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock / 4:35 /
At The Mercy Of A Man / Bettye LaVette / Do Your Duty / 2:29 /
Good Deal Lucille / The Mystix / Down To The Shore / 3:36 /
Warm Love / Van Morrison / Best Of Van Morrison / 3:23 /
Broken Wings / The Backsliders / Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon / 5:03 /
Sweet Lolita / Tejas Brothers / Tejas Brothers / 3:07 /
Back To Blue / Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League / The Longest Meow / 3:51 /
Whatever Gets You Through The Night / Etta James / Red Blooded Blues / 3:50 /
Funky Bell / Warren Lee / New Orleans Funk Vol.2 / 3:03 /
I’ll Roll With You / Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves / Roll With You / 3:33 /
Seven Bridges Road / Dolly Parton / Oxford American 2001 / 3:29 /
What Am I Doin’ / Mark Selby / More Storms Comin’ / 3:42 /
Falling / Bourgeois Gypsies / Faulty Fairytales / 4:02 /
Ain’t Got You / Solomon Burke / Nashville / 4:09 /

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Rockin’ Little Angel by Ray Smith

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Apr 182009

This is a compilation of Ray Smiths’ work with the Sun years in the early days of rock, back when they were still calling it rockabilly. You can hear in this music the early hints of pop rock. SOngs about dating, and disapproving parents and high school. Kinda makes you want to grease back your hair. The thing I like about these tracks the best is the stinging electric guitar licks which became the key element in most roots rock. This CD is a great slice of musical history.

Do Your Duty by Bettye LaVette

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Apr 182009

During her years with the SSS label, Bettye LaVette recorded a bunch of songs and released some of them as singles but the record label never put them out as an album. This CD collects both the released and unreleased singles from that era. These songs fall into the tough-woman-of-soul category. Hard as nails, edgy, and beautiful all at the same time. Honestly there’s not a bad track on this CD. In addition to her well known classics, “Do Your Duty,” and “He Made A Man Out Of Me” there’s also a good cover of “Piece of My Heart,” “My Train’s Comin’ In,” “Love Made A Fool Out Of Me,” and “Games People Play.” 

Country Club by John Doe and The Sadies

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Apr 182009

John Doe and the Sadies cover a bunch of twangy classics including “Night Life,, “‘Til I Get It Right,” “Detroit City,” “Take These Chains From My Heart” and many others in a style has that “Nash Vegas” feel too it. The music’s kinda showy but John Does’ vocal style keeps it grounded. What’s impressive is how they take these songs you’ve heard a thouand times before and turned them into something new you want to hear again. Highlights for me are “Stop The World And Let Me Off,” “‘Til I Get It Right,” “Night Life,” “Before I Wake,” and “Help Me Make It Through The Night.”

Apr 142009

Hour 1
See Her Again / Three Mobtown Gallons / The Brass Uncle Band / 3:01
Falling Boogie / Caution: Falling Boogie / Abe Reid & The Spikedrivers / 3:34
I’m The Man Who Loves You / Yankee Hotel Foxtrot / Wilco / 3:56
Nebakanezer / Three Snakes And One Charm / The Black Crowes / 4:09
Wildwood In The Pines / Personal File / Johnny Cash / 2:42
Just Because / So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You / Phil Lee / 4:02
Poke Salad Annie / Outsider Lounge Music / Captain Luke and Cool John / 4:49
Sugarfoot / Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is! / Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears / 3:18
Coming Apart At The Seams / On The Waiting List / Dave Sutherland / 4:57
Beautiful Sorta / Cold Roses / Ryan Adams & The Cardinals / 3:01
Blanket Show / Haymaker! / The Gourds / 2:49
Gone / Music For Ranch & Town / Hacienda Brothers / 7:09
Funnel of Love (with The Cramps) / Heart Trouble / Wanda Jackson / 2:33
Ruins Of Berlin / Ruins Of Berlin / Dex Romweber Duo / 2:33

Hour 2
Kiss the Eight Ball / Sold Out / Big Shanty / 4:08
Throw A Boogie/Black Betty/Just A Little Bit / The Dirty Old One Man Band / Scott H. Biram / 3:56
Runnin Hidin / The Weary Boys / The Weary Boys / 1:51
Didn’t It Rain / The Gospel Of The Blues / Sister Rosetta Tharpe / 2:35
Dog House Blues / Viper of Melody / Wayne Hancock / 3:18
Washington Blues / Shake Sugaree / Elizabeth Cotten / 3:38
Let Your Daddy Ride / Anthology: 50 Years / John Lee Hooker / 2:38
Confessin’ the Blues / Stop and Think About It / Chris James And Patrick Rynn / 5:24
What’s That Say About Love / Kickin’ Up Dust / Honky Tonk Disciples / 2:56
Outside Chance / Going Way Out / Heavy Trash / 3:02
I’m not a stealer / Deadstring Brothers (2001) / Deadstring Brothers / 4:29
Everything I Do / Strangers Almanac / Whiskeytown / 4:32
Home Is Country / Choosy Beggars / Choosy Beggars / 4:05
Flesh And Blood / Don’t Give Up On Me / Solomon Burke / 6:07

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