Oct 302006

Prodigal Son
Originally uploaded by cspowers.

Michael Powers is a black blues musician who spent a good part of his youth in rural North Carolina learning to play guitar by listening to the songs his father and his father’s friends would play on the porch. So you would expect that his music is the deep, traditional, hard times kind of blues. And you see some of that in songs like “You Gotta Go Down,” “It’s A Bloody Life,” and the instrumental “Compassion.” But, truth be told, Michael Powers’ has transcended the down home blues and turned the songs of his father into high energy, guitar centered blues-rock cross overs that beg to be played played along with via air-guitar, just like he used to do as a kid. The opening track, “Going Down” is a good example of Powers’ guitar work, leading with deep, open throated blues backed by crazy complicated guitar riffs. But the tracks that really show off the duality between the old-time vocal styles and Powers’ sophisticated guitar work are “Wild Side” and my personal favorite, “Lay The Hooch Down.”

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