Oct 102006

The Turnstiles
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On their 2006 release, Step Right Up, The Turnstiles’ Brad Thomas and John Frye carve out a spot in the Americana landscape that’s not too far from Jay Farrar’s Son Volt without forgetting that sometimes folks just wannna rock. The Turnstiles’ country-rock has deeply southern roots without conjuring up images of rednecks and moonshine, quite an accomplishment for a band whose home base, Charlotte, is Ground Zero of the NASCAR scene. This is in large part due to the talents of Michael Maher on slide guitar and mandolin and Tom Eure on fiddle, banjo and mandolin. Yep. That’s right. Not one but two mandolin players in this southern rock band. How cool is that? Combine these old-time influences with three guitar players, a bassist, and drummer and you’ve a band that can cover the straight up southern rock sound with tunes like “Movin'” and “One More Saturday Night” as well as the twangier end of the spectrum with tunes like “All Over Town” and “Hidden In The Wheel.” This is the kind of southern rock that makes you proud to be from the deep south.

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