Feb 092006

A well acclaimed singer-songwriter in Canda, apparently having won several awards in various venues. But this is his fourth CD. If more folk singers were like this guy, I’d listen to more folk music. This guy is down to earth, but not in a kum-ba-ya way. There’s an modern day authenticity to his lyrics and yet at the same time, his Scottish background (and accent) brings a but of a mythic feel to the songs. These contradictions peacefully co-exist in the sound. Also, he doesn’t fall into the I’m-more-politically-sensitive-than-thou trap that so many folk singers do. His backing band consists of Kevin Welch, Kiernan Kane, and Fats Kaplan, but these songs were clearly written with asolo performance in mind and the band respects that, they are just barely there supporting the songwriter as needed, and never getting in the way.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes
2 / Highway 95 / Set in North Carolina on I-95
1 / The Waking Hour
10 / Wanna Be Loved / has that travelin’ song feel to it.
3 / Ankle Tattoo / observations on a train station.

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