Jan 222005

As the title suggests, this is a CD of more-or-less gospel music, but unlike any gospel music you might have ever heard. Think of it as gospel music more closely aligned with alt.country/rock than it is with the blues, black spirtuals, or current Christian rock. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that Buddy Miller is a much more competent song writer than most religiously inspired song writers. The songs are interesting withut being preachy. Oh yeah, and there’s also the little fact that despite the devotional nature of the CD, there’s plenty of criticism of religion too, thanks to covering Dylan’s “God On Our Side.”

Musically, we get some good electric guitar riffs with gospel back up singers and harmonicas on some tracks, acoustic guitars and old-fashioned harmonizing on others. There’s lots of good accordian and mandolin around the edges to give it that heartfelt twang.

Taproot Tracks

:number – “Song Title” – Notes
7 – “Don’t Wait” – up tempo yet has a New Orleans blues feel to it.
1 – “Worry Too Much” – smoky guitar riffs, back up singers moaning, harmonica, and a hard edged beat.
9 – “Is That You” – spooky and haunting with good call/response with the backup singers
10 – “Returning” – kind of a southern jam band feel

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