Play List: January 29, 2005

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Jan 302005

*** = show highlight
Hour 1
Song / Artist / Title / Time
*** E. 11th Street / Jon Dee Graham / The Great Battle / 3:02 /
Bad Time / The Jayhawks / Tomorrow The Green Grass / 3:27 /
Do Right In Your Eyes / Grandpaboy / Dead Man Shake / 1:49 /
three cigarettes in an ashtray / k.d. lang / Best of AUstin City Limits
It’s Only Money, Tyrone / Marah / Kids In Philly / 3:26 /
*** Crawling From The Wreckage (Revisited) / Graham Parker / Your Country / 3:34 /
Shameless / Po Girl / Po’ Girl / 3:28
Long Distance Call / Muddy Waters / His Best: 1947 To 1955 / 2:41 /
Delia’s Gone / Johnny Cash / Murder / 2:19 /
Ocean Sized / Bobby Bare Jr. / Ocean Sized – Single / 2:37
*** My Man Is A Mean Man / Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings / Naturally / 3:16 /
Willie & Laura Mae Jones / Dusty Springfield / Dusty In Memphis / 2:49 /
Sure The One You Need / Ronnie Wood / I’ve Got My Own Album To Do / 4:12 /
Jesus Spoke / The Pinetops / Above Ground And Vertical / 4:45 /
The Fight / Louie Fontaine / Soul Satisfaction / 2:32 /
Blankets / Gourds / Cow Fish Fowl Or Pig / 2:52 /

Hour 2
Song / Artist / Title / Time
Annie Walden (The Mankilling Racetrack Girl) / The Wiyos / Porcupine / 4:19
*** She Gave Good Sunflower / The Black Crowes / Amorica. / 5:48 /
Be Real / The Bottle Rockets / Songs Of Sahm / 2:33 /
Baby, Now That I’ve Found You / Alison Kraus And Union Station / The Best Of Austin City Limits: Country
Music’s Finest Hour / 3:55 /
Always So Easy / Jake Brennan And The Confidence Men / Love And Bombs / 2:36 /
It’s Better To Give Than To Receive / Ruby Johnson / I’ll Run Your Hurt Away / 3:04 /
Wicked Man / Ben Harper & The Blind Boys Of Alabama / There Will Be A Light / 3:33 /
Radio / Kristie Stremel / Here Comes The Light / 3:33 /
*** Creosote / Son Volt / Straightaways / 4:10 /
Death And Angels / Green On Red / Gas Food Lodging/Green On Red / 2:17 /
*** Silk Hope Road / Trailer Bride / Hope Is A Thing With Feathers / 3:03 /
This Gun Don’t Care Who Shoots It / The Cornell Hurd Band / Hard-Headed Woman / 2:43 /
Dinero / Los Texas Tornados / Gringo Lingo / 2:50 /
RotoRiculous / Ghoultown / Tales Of The Dead West / 2:46 /
My Baby’s Gone / The Backsliders / Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon / 3:15 /
Whiskey River / Willie Nelson / Willie & Family Live / 3:39 /

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Review: Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart by The Iguanas

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Jan 262005

The Iguanas are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Rooted in country and tex-mex border music, but not at all constrained by the genres. Light and breezy, but not in a a way that bores you. This is the kind of music you listen to at the end of a hard day to pick up your spirits. Irreverent but not obnoxious. (One song is about a guy getting his little brother high at the county fair after his mother tells him to share everything.)

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes
5 / 9 Volt Heart / About a boy
being connected to the outside world through his transistor
6 / Sugar Cane / Grateful Dead
couldn’t have done this one any better.
2 / Machete y Maiz / Spanish song
with a very traditional border music combo of guitar and
accordion, it moves along at a relaxed pace.
3 / Mexican Candy / Jazzy, Dave

Review: Honeyslides by The Blue Runners

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Jan 262005
Honeyslides by The Blue Runners
Honeyslides by The Blue Runners,
originally uploaded by cspowers.

From Lafayette Louisiana, The Bluerunners are named after a bayou dwelling fish. I can never keep track of the difference between Cajun and Zydeco, but whatever it is, about half of the songs on the CD feel like very true-to-form Cajun/Zydeco, which are very enjoyable in a foot tapping sort of way. And the other half of the CD rawks! Even the hard-rockin’ songshave that upbeat feel to them that’s inescapable whenever the
accordion is a major component of the sound.

Taproot Tracks:

2 – “Gravedigger” – blues heavy rock
5 – “I Got You” – about how nothing gets you down when you are in love
4 – “Ghost Of A Girl” – beautiful song with an ethereal womans voice coming in and out of the guitars.

Review: Lonely Runs Both Ways by Alison Krauss and Union Station

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Jan 242005

Ehhhh, this CD seems to be veering pretty darn close to fornulaic adult-contemporary IMHO. Still, she has a beautiful voice and that’s worth a listen.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes

4 / Good Bye Is All We Have
15 / A Living Prayer / beautiful melodic religious song that does justice to Krauss’ vocal talents
3 / Rain Please Go Away / fairly standard bluegrass sung by band member Ron Block

Play List: January 22, 2005

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Jan 232005

*** = show highlight
Hour 1
Song / Artist / Album / Time

Do 4 U / Gourds /Blood Of The Ram / 3:54
Pigeon Heart / Marah / 20,000 Streets Under The Sky / 3:55
The Lonesome River / Ralph Stanley & Bob Dylan / The Oxford American Southern Sampler 2001 / 3:03
Nobody But You / Asie Payton / Worried / 4:28
I Was The One / David Childers And The Modern Don Juans / Room 23 / 2:33
Transluscent Sparrow / The Sadies / Favourite Colours / 2:59
Automatic Blues / Chuck Prophet Age Of Miracles / 3:27
Trouble On The Line / Loretta Lynn / Van Lear Rose / 2:21
Soap, Soup And Salvation / Lone Justice / Lone Justice / 4:04
Luck In My Eyes / k.d. lang / Absolute Torch And Twang / 4:12
*** Wicked Man / Ben Harper & The Blind Boys Of Alabama / There Will Be A Light / 3:33
[Playing January 31st at Hall Hill on UNC-CH campus]
Angels are Messengers From God / Whiskeytown / Rural Free Delivery / 4:06
Mississippi Home / The Subdudes / Miracle Mule / 4:11
The One Rose (That’s Left In My Heart) / Johnny Cash / Love / 2:26
Just Someone I Used To Know / The Two Dollar Pistols & Tift Merrit / The Two Dollar Pistols With Tift Merritt / 2:56

Hour 2
Song / Artist / Album / Time
Casino Queen / Wilco / A.M. / 2:45
Missin’ You / Half Price / Choosy Beggars / Choosy Beggars / 2:25
*** Chokin’ Kind / Captain Luke and Cool John / Outsider Lounge Music / 2:47
Little Things / The Brown Mountain Lights / Late Show At The Cave / 3:57
Break This Time / Alejandro Escovedo / Por Vida Disc 2 / 4:09
Texas Trilogy: Train Ride / Lyle Lovett / Step Inside This House (Disc 2) / 2:35
19th Nervous Breakdown / Jason And The Scorchers / Still Standing (2002 Reissue) / 3:48
Dearest Darling / Bo Diddley / The Best Of Bo Diddley / 2:54
Ballad Of The Highway / Otis Gibbs / One Day Our Whispers / 3:23
*** Daddy’s Cup / Drive-By Truckers / The Dirty South / 5:53
This Flower / Kasey Chambers / The Captain / 2:50
Around The Bend / Dollar Store / Dollar Store / 3:44
Fly Your Flag High / Kevn Kinney / Kevn Kinney’s Sun Tangled Angel Revival / 3:18
13 Nights / Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts / Down To The Promised Land, Disc 2: 5 Years Of Bloodshot Records / 3:11
Shake Your Hips / Legendary Shack Shakers / Cockadoodledon’t / 4:50

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Review: Dear Life by Bill Mallonee

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Jan 222005
Dear Life by Bill Mallone
Dear Life by Bill Mallone,
originally uploaded by cspowers.

Bill Mallonee is primarily into lyrics centered tunes accompanied by an acoustic guitar and just a bit of drums, steel guitar, and bass thrown in to keep it interesting. Lots of good tracks but he seems to hold back at times. I kept wanting him to cut loose a little more.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes

6 / Who Will You Love / feels like a traveling song channeling Roy Orbison a bit
1 / After All This Dust Settles Down / sounds like Uncle Tupelo
3 / Ready and Red-Eye / roots rock goodness
5 / High and Lonesome / Love song. Another Uncle Tupelo sounding song.

Review: Sun Tangled Angel Revival by Kevn Kinney

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Jan 222005

Kate Campbell has a beautiful voice. There are so many songs on this CD where I could swear she’s singing in harmony with someone else, but it’s just her, packing every note with feeling. As the name of the CD would imply, the lyrics are very literary, full of symbolism and imagery. I think the songs are too soft and subdued to listened to all the way through the CD in one sitting. But I bet everyone can find 2 or 3 songs on here that feel just right in those times when you need to hear a beautiful voice.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes
1 / Wrought Iron Fences / mid-tempo song with beautiful melody
15 / Sea Rock City / about a woman leaving home to find her destiny
6 / Crazy In Alabama / child’s first hand view of desegregation.
9 / Porcelain Blue / Gothic song of ghosts and death
13 / Bud’s Sea-Mint Boat / fun song in praise of eccentrics

Review: Universal United House of Prayer by Buddy Miller

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Jan 222005

As the title suggests, this is a CD of more-or-less gospel music, but unlike any gospel music you might have ever heard. Think of it as gospel music more closely aligned with than it is with the blues, black spirtuals, or current Christian rock. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that Buddy Miller is a much more competent song writer than most religiously inspired song writers. The songs are interesting withut being preachy. Oh yeah, and there’s also the little fact that despite the devotional nature of the CD, there’s plenty of criticism of religion too, thanks to covering Dylan’s “God On Our Side.”

Musically, we get some good electric guitar riffs with gospel back up singers and harmonicas on some tracks, acoustic guitars and old-fashioned harmonizing on others. There’s lots of good accordian and mandolin around the edges to give it that heartfelt twang.

Taproot Tracks

:number – “Song Title” – Notes
7 – “Don’t Wait” – up tempo yet has a New Orleans blues feel to it.
1 – “Worry Too Much” – smoky guitar riffs, back up singers moaning, harmonica, and a hard edged beat.
9 – “Is That You” – spooky and haunting with good call/response with the backup singers
10 – “Returning” – kind of a southern jam band feel

Review: Dirt by Mark Selby

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Jan 212005
Dirt by Mark Selby
Dirt by Mark Selby,
originally uploaded by cspowers.

Some blues influence here, but this is mostly heavy, hard hitting roots rock. Not much in the way of twang except maybe in his voice. Often reminds me of Elvis Costello, partly due to the sound of his voice, but mostly because of the earnest angstiness that comes through. Even then slower/sentimental songs have a gravity to them that keeps them from getting dull. IMHO, there’s no weak tracks on this CD. Hard to pick favorites.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes
1 / Reason Enough / borders on a heavy metal sound!
2 / Backdoor to my heart /mid tempo, good lead guitar and piano interplay
5 / Desire / starts out like a rock ballad.
11 / Dirt / closest thing to twang on the CD, more from the lyrics than the music

Blood Of The Ram by The Gourds

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Jan 202005
Blood Of The Ram by The Gourds
Blood Of The Ram by The Gourds,
originally uploaded by cspowers.

The Gourds continue their mix of rock, blue grass, and sounds. But rather than tapping into the deep backwoods mythos of their previous CD, “Cow, Fish, Fowl or Pig,” the Gourds seem focused on being the best bar band ever. As a result we get more rock, less mandolin; more cussing, less allegory; more attitude, less sentiment. This is stressing out die-hard Gourds fans like me, but it’s a good listen all the way through.

Taproot Tracks:

Track Number / Title / Notes

8 / Do 4 U /How can accordians and fiddle rock this hard?
7 / On Time / Prettiest song on CD, Deadhead-esque lyrics and harmonies
10 / Cracklins / Starts out like a typical backwoods outlaw song and turns mythic, as only The Gourds can do it.
3 / Escalade / funky, jazzy anti-SUV rant

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